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Veiled Hayati

Midnight | Aisha Jilbab

Midnight | Aisha Jilbab

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Explore the beauty of our two-piece Aisha jilbab; crafted from a buttery soft and lightweight Medina (Silk) fabric. Designed with versatility in mind, this ensemble is suitable for both scorching hot days and chilly evenings.

The set comprises of a skirt and a coordinating headpiece, thoughtfully equipped with an adjustable waistband to cater to sisters of all sizes.


🎀~Headband straps to offer flexible styling options, allowing you to secure your head covering from the front or rear.
🎀~ Niqab strings that can be discreetly fastened underneath to elevate the chin portion as a niqab.

🎀~ Pockets in skirt

🎀~ Skirt with drawstrings which can be tightened or loosened to fit all sizes.

❣️Please note❣️:
❣️~Jilbabs are universally sized, accommodating sisters ranging from 50 even up to 63 inches, thanks to its adaptable skirt design that can be positioned higher or lower as desired. View our sizechart for more info.

❣️~ Please also be mindful that slight color variations may occur due to differences in lighting and screen settings on your device. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

quality is really nice, you can tell they took time to create it and they care about their customers. really comfortable and lightweight, other jilbabs sometimes hurt my neck from the fabric being too heavy but this one doesn't.

Biger skirt

I absolutely love the jilbab and how confitable it is I just wish the skirt was a little more flowy for girls with large steps

Soo pretty and lightweight!

Love the jilbabs I ordered! So soft yet covering all over. Only thing I didn’t like was the width, it’s very wide. I wish there was a way to choose how wide you want the fit to be. Overall it’s a gorgeous piece and I wear it every day!!

Hawa Sheriff

I love this jilbab so much!! The fabric is so soft and not heavy at all! It’s comfy and not irritating my skin. Looking forward to the next restock, inshaAllah! JazakAllak Khair!!

julia ackerzz
amazing and tall girl friendly

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
this jilbab was full of surprises in the best way possible.
1.) it has pockets, need i say more?
2.) it’s perfect for tall or short sisters as the skirt you can pull it up as much as you need to or pull it down as much as you need
3.) it has draw strings so if you’re more on the thinner side you can pull it tighter and if you don’t pull the strings and leave it as is it won’t feel too tight on your waist/hips to the point where it’s uncomfortable or bothersome, it’s the perfect fit
4.) the material is so silky smooth it feels so high quality
5.) it comes with niqab strings!
the only complaint i have is since the material is very static it does collect dust/hair but it’s not like a hair magnet or to the point where it’s genuinely bothersome but it happens. other than that this jilbab is absolutely amazing, every sister should have at least one of veiled hayati’s jilbab in their closet!