Restock Updates <33

سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته❤️

Friday, May 10th 5pm eastern time we will be restocking the whole site (excluding mehram collection & mens) in’sha’Allah🌷

Please note that we have implemented a slight price increase on our items due to recent expansion. These adjusted prices reflect the dedication and craftsmanship invested in our pieces, as well as our commitment to fairly compensating our team members and tailors for their hard work; as many know it takes us almost months to complete product collections due to having a smaller framework of team-members, and with each time we create newer and unique designs suggested by our customers. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated as we continue to grow and undertake high-quality projects❣️

Next restock? Currently all other abayas designs are still in the making as we are focusing on expanding our designs & stock, dates will be posted when it’s close to finish in’sha’Allah❣️

**As our quantities of abayas increased with orders, processing time took longer for us to ship out orders, for this reason we will be having pre~made sizes ready in’sha’Allah! This will include sizes 48-64, welcoming sizes for everyone. We will also have the special option of altering abayas to your fit for those who do not see their size (this will have a fee of $5) **

Your support on this journey with us means so much as we continue to focus on growing & bringing access to sustainable modesty whilst holding onto the true values of Islam. May Allah swt bless each and every one of you <3


Veiled Hayati Team❤️