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Veiled Hayati

Kohl | Yasmin Khimar

Kohl | Yasmin Khimar

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The khimar of every Princess, the Yasmin Khimar. Made of the finest chiffon, this khimar once worn, will make you feel like a real life princess.


🎀~ 3 Layers diamond back & 2 layers front.

🎀~ Headstrap strings used to tie the khimar around the head and adjusta to all sizes.

🎀~ Niqab strings used to tie the khimar as a half niqab; or even just to simply tighten the chin area for sisters will smaller face frames. 

🎀~ Burka feature; back layer of khimar can be flipped over the front and worn as a burka. 

🎀~ Breathable fabric; khimar is crafted to ensure air flow, allowing you to modestly cover without feeling too much heat. 

🎀~ Not see through; layers prevent the khimar from being see through whilst giving you full comfort. 

❣️Please note❣️:

❣️~ Due to the brightness of your screen and lighting, colors may vary slightly from product photos.

❣️~ Abaya is sold separately

❣️~ The back and last layer of the khimar is about 53 inches from head down to the last layer. (If you are 5ft &/or under the back of the khimar will likely touch the ground!).

For reference; the mannequin model is around 5’2.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amirah Abell

Amazing Quality, I wear it all the time. I definitely will be purchasing from this shop again

gabby Brabant
I'll buy again for sure

I love it it has strings so you can tighten the niqab it's long soft and it doesn't get hot


This khimar matches with everything I wear and it is sooo elegant I can’t even begin to describe!! Absolutely worth the money!

May Allah increase you in rizq! Ameen

I Love it

It's so pretty and flowy and I can't wait to get more soon. In Sha Allah!

Ma'Kaya Ida-Lee
Real Princess Vibes!!

I was so excited to recieve this khimar I was tracking my purchase everyday lol. I ordered it on the 26th, and it got here today on the 2nd! SUPER FAST given US holiday shipping delays.

I like to wear mostly black and sometimes it can be a problem finding the right shade so I was worried it might be more "off black/dusted black," but Alhamdulillah its perfect and is an exact match to the jilbab I also got. The chiffon is good quality and not at all transparent! I was so pleasantly surprised by the length and width too! It's plenty of material to cover Everything. Not too heavy, breathable, and the niqabi straps are a lovely touch. This is real modesty wear for sure. I will definetley buying other colors when there is a restock (pls bring back ice and cinderella!)

With amazing prices, shipping, and quality, I don't think there's a US brand that going this above and beyond. Jazakallah Khairan!