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Veiled Hayati

Ice | Yasmin Khimar

Ice | Yasmin Khimar

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The khimar of every Princess, the Yasmin Khimar. Made of the finest chiffon, this khimar once worn, will make you feel like a real life princess.


🎀~ 3 Layers diamond back & 2 layers front.

🎀~ Headstrap strings used to tie the khimar around the head and adjusta to all sizes.

🎀~ Niqab strings used to tie the khimar as a half niqab; or even just to simply tighten the chin area for sisters will smaller face frames. 

🎀~ Burka feature; back layer of khimar can be flipped over the front and worn as a burka. 

🎀~ Breathable fabric; khimar is crafted to ensure air flow, allowing you to modestly cover without feeling too much heat. 

🎀~ Not see through; layers prevent the khimar from being see through whilst giving you full comfort. 

❣️Please note❣️:

❣️~ Due to the brightness of your screen and lighting, colors may vary slightly from product photos.

❣️~ Abaya is sold separately

❣️~ The back and last layer of the khimar is about 53 inches from head down to the last layer. (If you are 5ft &/or under the back of the khimar will likely touch the ground!).

For reference; the mannequin model is around 5’2.

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Customer Reviews

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I feel beautiful

It's just beautiful. I love the material.It fits my face perfectly without being tight. I love the way it feels. It is a little sheer but I kind of expect that from white. Nothing an undercap can't hide. I felt like a princess. As I stated in another review, I'm 157 cm. It falls right to the hem of my abaya. So, if your shorter than me, you may need to have it taken up a little. It's a good comparison for you tall sisters, too.


The khimar looks exactly like the picture! It’s so gorgeous and I love the niqab string feature, even if you aren’t a niqabi, it helps with tightening the lower part of the khimar in case you have a smaller face!! This company is so inclusive, Allahuma barik!!


It's a little see-through, but as long as you wear like a ninja under cap, you're good. I wouldn't recommend wearing it as a niqab because we would see your face, but other than that, it's super pretty and flowy, and it's super. And the shipping was really fast too. Can't wait to buy more! InShaAllah!