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Veiled Hayati

Emerald | Yasmin Khimar

Emerald | Yasmin Khimar

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The khimar of every Princess, the Yasmin Khimar. Made of the finest chiffon, this khimar once worn, will make you feel like a real life princess.


🎀~ 3 Layers diamond back & 2 layers front.

🎀~ Headstrap strings used to tie the khimar around the head and adjusta to all sizes.

🎀~ Niqab strings used to tie the khimar as a half niqab; or even just to simply tighten the chin area for sisters will smaller face frames. 

🎀~ Burka feature; back layer of khimar can be flipped over the front and worn as a burka. 

🎀~ Breathable fabric; khimar is crafted to ensure air flow, allowing you to modestly cover without feeling too much heat. 

🎀~ Not see through; layers prevent the khimar from being see through whilst giving you full comfort. 

❣️Please note❣️:

❣️~ Due to the brightness of your screen and lighting, colors may vary slightly from product photos.

❣️~ Abaya is sold separately

❣️~ The back and last layer of the khimar is about 53 inches from head down to the last layer. (If you are 5ft &/or under the back of the khimar will likely touch the ground!).

For reference; the mannequin model is around 5’2.

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Customer Reviews

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Very comfortable and light makes a good burka

K. West
I feel like a princess <3

I'm not sure why I've slept on khimars for so long, but alhamdulillah I'm happy I finally purchased two and give them a try!

By no means is the fabric itchy on your face. The fabric is very soft and flowy - and I'm so happy with how far down it comes in the front and the back! I'm always trying to make sure I hide my bum and chest because let's face it, some hijabs are not wide enough! But the length and width of this khimar are so amazing.

And the niqab feature! I've been wanting to try niqab for the longest time (one day I will, inshaAllah, but as a revert living in not so great state in the U.S). But being able to try it on in the comfort of my own home, I love it so very much! Due to the length of the straps, there was enough length that I didn't have to worry about getting a headache if I tied it securely. InshaAllah, I hope that I can get a couple more whenever the next release happens! Thank you so much for the work that went into making these khimar <3


I love this khimar so far I have sound nothing wrong with it super comfy

sumeya mohamed
Emerald Green Khimar

This khimar is so nice and flowy, I thought it would be see through but Alhamdulillah it is not. This the first I have ordered something and it came very fast so jazakallah khair for providing customers with such great experiences, May Allah reward you and May He put more Barakah in your business ❤️